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Mielno/ Mielenko - charming seaside bungalows

About Mielno and Mielenko

Mielenko is a charming village on the seaside, which borders with the bigger Mielno. At the same time is one of the fastest developing tourist destinations within the region. Last years, the interest has grown significantly. People who are choosing Mielenko as holiday destination, appreciate mostly the location- walking distance to Mielno, as well as, peace and quiet. It became especially beloved by the families with children.

The history of Mielenko reaches 2500 year b.c. In the early Stone Age there was a little colony here. Also, the old cemetery has been found here and is estimated to be dated by 1700 years b.c. In the village you still can find houses with construction from XIX century.

About the beauty of Mielenko, ensures first of all nature: wide sandy beaches, where even during the high season you can find a place for yourself; astonishing linden alley along the road to Mielno; rarely seen, eye- catching Turkish hazel trees, formed in an interesting shapes, which you can find along the road to Sarbinowo; sand dunes park along the seaside, through which goes bike and walking path and lots more….
Worth checking: When you turn to the direction of Chlopy, right after passing Mielenko sign, you can see the point in which the 16-th meridian is crossing. The place has been marked with the large rock and information note.

In the central part of Mielenko village, you can also find commune sports field. It is a perfect place to play basketball, volleyball or handball. For the small kids right next to the sports field, an open playground has been placed. The spot is filled with children during the season.

Despite the fact, that you will not find here characteristic for the popular holidays destination- noise and crowd; Mielenko offers you fully developed tourists' infrastructure. You will find here small restaurants, fish and chips shops as well as grocery store and fast-food.

Mielno is one the best known resorts on the polish seaside. Every year the small city is visited by thousands of tourists. It is appreciated for the rich entertainment offer and perfect location between the Baltic Sea and Jamno Lake. Everyone who once has been here for sure walked alongside the promenade or enjoyed plenty of cafes, hotels and discos which the place has to offer. One of the Mielno's symbols are: Walrus monument- which is placed on the main beach entrance and a Deer monument, which you can find on the square just in front of the commune office. Walrus is a symbol of every year’s international polar bear plunge, an event held during the winter, where participants go into the water despite the very low temperatures. On the lake side, it is worth to check the harbour, where it is possible to rent a yacht, canoe or a pedal boat. Definitely worth seeing is the Church located there, dated back to the XV century.