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Mielno/ Mielenko - charming seaside bungalows

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We are accepting the reservation only via e-mails. We are pleased to provide you with any information needed about the stay in our resort. Please do not hesitate to contact us in any case on the following address: office@plazowa.com

We will also answer all your queries and questions as soon as possible.

After your reservation by e-mail, we expect a downpayment in an amount of 30% of the total cost of your stay, to be transfered on our bank account. After that, your reservation is fully confirmed. We will send you a confirmation. Please entitle the transfer: Reservation 'Plazowa' + Name + Surname + dates of your stay.

Plazowa Resort
Plazowa Street 6, Mielenko
76-032 Mielno Poland

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