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Kids at Plazowa

Our resort assures you and your family with optimal conditions for your relaxation and resting. We offer you the full package of conveniences and attractions for your children. We are parents ourselves, that is why we are able to fully understand your needs. We provide you with the whole equipment needed, so you will not have to fully pack your car with the things essential for your kids' care only!

Playground. Sandbox, slide and swings are waiting there for your kid's entertainment. Besides, we throw in trampoline to that, as we know that this is one of the best ways to unload reserves of the energy!

We offer you renting of the children’s beds. Following the practice of the best known hotels, we also offer you portable bed for kids. Now, you do not have to worry whether your children sleep well or if you have to share the bed.

Bedding. Of course we do have colourful and fresh bedding for the smallest members of your family as well. There is a saying that on the seaside, when you breathe with Iodine-rich sea air you definitely sleep better!

Box with toys. When going on holidays with your kids, you do not necessarily have to take all your kid's toys with you. On a request, in every bungalow we put a basket filled with toys.

Bathtub. Don’t think about additionally packing the bathtub for your kids into the car! Your wife surely will find different holiday essentials to take instead!

Bike safety seats and bikes for kids. Do you dream about bike trip? In our resort you can be sure you will not have to stress yourself about how to take your kids with you. Among the accessories, we also do have safety seats to attach to your bicycle together with helmet to assure 100% of safety. For the bigger ones we of course have a proper bicycle as well.

Swimming Pool for kids. Your little ones will have a lot of fun while playing and sloshing in a small swimming pool under your watch.

Of course we wish all our guests only sunny days during the stay, however, if the rainy day comes, we recommend you to visit the reception and ask about the wide choose of the board games. Entertainment is guaranteed not only for your kids but for you most definitely too!

If your kids feel like watching their favourite fairy tale, in the reception we have at your disposal DVD-Player which you can easily connect to the TV in your bungalow. Also, we do have other movies for you to offer.